Photos of Fort St. Vrain Station
FSV in June 2001
This photo of the plant was taken from northeast of Platteville.  It shows the 3 combustion turbines with heat recovery steam generators (HRSG) units on the east side of the main plant building.   This was taken in June, 2001, before units 5 & 6 were built.
Fort St. Vrain on May 5, 2001
Looking south at the plant we see, from left to right, units 4 , 3, 2 and the main plant building containing the steam turbine, which is unit 1.  May 25, 2001.  All units are generating and supplying steam to the steam turbine in this photo.
Looking towards the west at unit 4, we can see the silver colored ammonia injection piping of the selective catalytic reduction system for control of our NOx emissions.  We only have an SCR on unit 4.  Our air permit limit for NOx on this unit is 4 ppm when the HRSG is in service.  Unit 2 and 3 have higher NOx limits of 17 ppm and can be tuned to run under that limit.
Looking to the northeast, this is a view of the combustion turbine (CT) end of unit 4.  The louvered object on the left is the air inlet and filter for the CT.  It also contains a swamp cooler for cooling the air in the summer.  The shorter stack in the middle is called the bypass stack and is for use when the CT is running without the heat recovery steam generator (HRSG).  The taller silver stack is for HRSG or "combined cycle" operation.  The other smaller silver stack looking things are relief valve mufflers.